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Particle Accelerator 
4 Token Drop on TEZ

Particle Accelerator is a drop of 4 laser-loops that have been supercharged with original audio from the wiz @proteon!!

To make things exciting - collectors who pick up ANY 3 loops will be rewarded with a 'mute loop' OF THEIR CHOICE (see more below).

Collectors who pick up ALL 4 loops will also get their choice of "mute loop' PLUS will be entered in to win a 1/1 loop with audio from @proteon!! 

The loops drop 1 per day starting March 15th, 10 tez ea.

UPDATE: LOOP 4 is an open edition at 2tez.  To be fair to those who collected 1+2+3 before this change, anyone who wants to use loop 4 as one of the three collected for the free 1/1 GIF, you will need to scoop 5 and burn 4. 

Collectors who have 1+2+3 only need to scoop 1 of loop 4 to be entered in the raffle for the 1/1 loop with audio!!!

These "mute loops" are available 1st come, 1st serve for anyone scooping 3 or more loops. Anything that has been minted already is off the table. 


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