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[LaserLewDude is a] Laser hobbiest, father of 5. Not a full-time artist (yet). He makes physical light (laser) art structures using glass, mirrors and H2O. A lot of the lasers are homemade. All photos are taken with a phone, inside a walk-in closet.  No photoshop, just basic color/exposure correction. Glass and mirrors mostly salvage/thrift shop buys, with a mix of custom glass from professional glass makers. 


Entered NFT space in Feb. 2021, making both solo and collaborative work, primarily on the Etherium Blockchain.  Was part of the 2021 OmArt IM META Exhibition in Shanghai. Always looking to do video/audio collabs as well as meet new glass workers!! Experimenting almost daily in his closet, pushing boundaries, pioneering a new genre of art. Physically and on the 'chain. 

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