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Use this page 
for controller app testing 

Feedback welcomed via group chat, Dm or use this 
form ->> Google Form


Thank you for showing interest in helping me test my app out!


Here's a brief outline of what you can do to help 😄


I made a beta site if thats easier:


What you need:

      1. web browser (bigger the screen the better) - to pull up one of the links below

      2. a smart phone/tablet with a camera - to capture the QR code and control whats in #1


Step 1 : Pull up the art

      1. On your computer / TV / chromecast / Apple AirPlay / anything with a browser - pull up any or all of these 3 pieces:

        1. (Obv. this one is minted...but I have yet to really push it, so keep it chill, feel free to share with your fam / close ones.





Step 2 : Load the controller

      1. Once the page loads - you'll see the QR code ... shoot it with your phone / tablet


Step 3 : Go nuts

      1. I'm open to all feedback!!

      2. If you want to just ramble / dump your thoughts, I'll take it.

      3. If you want to fill out a form - do it:

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